JAMstack for enterprise apps


JAMstack for enterprise apps

JAMstack became famous from its Static Site Generators side but it is not limited to just Static Sites. JAMstack is way more than that. To understand the potential of of JAMstack architecture in the space of Enterprise Applications, we first need to understand what is JAMstack

What is JAMstack?

You can call it a Superman that came down from Krypton in the land of Web App Stacks. Just kidding. JAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markdown.

JAMstack is the new way of building the websites and applications that are secure, scalable, reliable, and well structured.

It simply divides the functionality in such a way that abstraction is possible between User Functionality and Server Side Functionality.

Why JAMstack in Enterprise Applications?

There are hundreds of reason to use JAMstack in your next Application, listing a few below.

  • High Performance Applications
  • Better Security of the Applications and its data
  • Faster Development
  • Great Community Support
  • Better Developer Experience
  • Easier to maintain
  • ortability of the applications
  • cale without complexity
  • Modern Development Workflows
  • Serverless Architecture

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